Ahoy Sailor!

Welcome to my imaginarium of paintings.
I am an artist from Helsinki, Finland.
I started painting in 2007, after a nice afternoon
walk in my neighbourhood of kruununhaka.
I walked by a construction work with big
machines and piles of trash infront.
In the middle of all this stuff I saw a big
plywood panel. It was covered with sement
and footsteps. The second I saw it something
inside me told to paint on it. Just like finding
a treasure. It was daytime and people were working,
so I stalked the panel for an hour and as soon as no
one saw, I grabbed the panel and ran! I stole it!
At home I cleaned it from dust and started
painting Artichokes. My first oil painting!

Since that day I´ve had an urge to paint.
Sometimes if I spend several weeks not painting,
I feel an obsessive need to paint something.
My hands tell me to do it, it´s like they have ADHD!

I never studied art, but grew up in an artist family.
Handcraft family. I don´t know if I could study art.
It kills me to imagine someone telling me what to do
in something I LOVE to do impulsively. How to mix colors or get something done the "right" way.
The moments I screw up something or discover
something new are victories for me!
I celebrate them! Every idea and every experiment!

I am also an entrepreneur, I run my own store and
aside with a family company producing
knitwear since 1975! Unlike many artists, I think of
my ART also as a business. Every customer is, and
always will be an investor. I think of them as
stockholders, and I work hard to make this business
profitable for my stockholders. Afterall a painting
is not only a fancy thing on your wall to look at, it is
an investment that most likely will not loose it´s value
ever, but there is a chance it will increase a hole lot
during your life, the life of your children and their
children. Hopefully this will be the case and I will succeed in this business I feel like I was ment to do!














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